Swimming pool lane, surrounded by nature trails for running and amazing roads, of all kind of heights and little traffic, for cycling.

In Banyoles, the triathlon has also found an ideal space for training and organising competitions. In fact, it is probably the most suitable place in Catalonia for practising this discipline.

This is explained by the fact that the triathlon combines three sports which are widely developed in Banyoles: swimming, which has a long tradition and excellent facilities (a 500-metre adapted swimming lane in the Banyoles lake and two 25-metre swimming pools); cycling, which has routes of varying difficulty and great scenic richness; and running, which can be done around the lake and through woodland of a technical level.

Since 1985, Banyoles has hosted the Triathlon of Catalonia with Olympic distance. It has also organised a B-distance Triathlon, a Duathlon, a people’s Triathlon and other competitions which prove the quality of the Sports Tourism Destination.

Outstanding sporting events:

- 2011 - Banyoles ETU European Premium Cup.
- 2012 - Banyoles ITU Triathlon World Cup.
- 2013 - Banyoles ETU European Premium Cup.
- 2014 - Banyoles ETU European Premium Cup.
-Takes place the International Triathlon Triathlon B and Catalonia every year.

To me, in Banyoles I have found the ideal place for a professional sportsperson or triathlete, I have managed to find a quiet place where the quality if the training areas is ideal. In the surroundings of Banyoles, there are amazing roads with practically no traffic, with a great variety of circuits, with greater and lesser gradients, amazing ports like Rocacorba, unique roads like Mieres and Santa Pau, the chance to get close to the sea.

As regards running, very quiet roads which transmit 100% Nature around the lake, a fantastic lake to swim in and perfect swimming pools.

Banyoles is without doubt a paradise for practising the triathlon and finding a very quiet village atmosphere without having to go anywhere, because everything is here.

Marcel Zamora
Professional Triathlete

Banyoles and the Pla de l'Estany region present an ideal environment for practising the triathlon. For swimming we have the unbeatable and unique setting of the lake as well as the pools of Banyoles Swimming Club. For cycling, we have very good roads that are quiet and well adapted to enjoying Nature and the surroundings. Many professional cyclists use these roads. For running, we have the surroundings of the lake and the mountain environment gives us good training on asphalt, on flat or mountainous terrain.

Joan Fontbernat
Representative of the triathlon section of
Banyoles Swimming Club

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