DTE Mark

The Pla de l'Estany region (Capital city: Banyoles) is located at 20 km from Girona (in Northern Spain), half an hour away from the Costa Brava, at 60 km from the French border and an hour away from Barcelona. The Lake of Banyoles is an undeniable area of tourist interest thanks to its magnificent landscape as well as a privileged area for practising sports and leisure activities.

Find below all the information about this tourist destination oriented to those sportsmen and women, clubs and federations willing to find a place both to locate their training ground and to perform their swimming, cycling ?both road cycling and mountain biking?, triathlon, rowing and canoeing pre-competition stages.

Besides offering an ideal location for training, we guarantee all the necessary logistics in order to make all the prep meetings more efficient:


Regarding the sports

  • Ideal environmental characteristics ( Lake of Banyoles , cycling routes designed by the Mountain Bike Centre, etc).
  • First class sports equipment (Barcelona 92 Olympic Games, World Rowing Championships 2004, BIKE STATION BANYOLES, etc.), with all of the complementary services guaranteed (sauna, weights room and swimming pool) and security services adapted to all sportsmen and women.
  • Specialized products concerning the 5 sports mentioned above, with route and relief maps, training in the swimming pool and the lake area, etc.
  • Program of complementary activities perfect for sports training (bike, ergometers, fitness circuits, among others).
  • Complete calendar of popular and professional events in different sports.

Regarding the accommodation

  • Centre of coordination and assistance to the visitor: Previous information, teams welcome and farewell receptions, assistance during the stay, permanent control of the offered services quality.
  • Coordination concerning the use of the necessary sports facilities.
  • Specialized accommodation booking office. We count on a wide accommodation offer including hotels, youth hostels, rural housing and campsites, which provide sports diets, special beds for sportsmen and women and offer special prices for groups.
  • Physiotherapy and sports medicine.

  • Permanent information about the trips and leisure activities program.

What is the brand Destinació Turística Esportiva (Sports Tourist Destination) and why we want it?

The brand Sports Tourism Destination is a hallmark by Turisme de Catalunya, which gives recognition to those towns or cities widely known for their top-quality resources oriented to tourists willing to practise sports activities.

Tourism is a key economic and dynamising factor for the region. Besides, Banyoles is a city with an important sports tradition and counts on ideal starting conditions for practising any sports.


What are the benefits from the DTE project?

  • Increase in the number of tourists
  • Infrastructures improvement and local sports promotion
  • Improvement of the tourist competitiveness in the area
  • Demand seasonal adjustment
  • Increase in the area notoriety in the tourist map
  • Promotion of the area through Turisme de Catalunya
  • Recognition of the area as a specialized reference point in the above-mentioned sports

What are the responsibilities demanded by the DTE brand?

The main responsibilities demanded are:

  • Creation and improvement of the tourist
  • Communication and commercialisation of the area
  • Coordination of the actions including the different implied
  • Permanent improvement and professionalization of the own management and the services of each of the implied agents.

The DTE brand management

In the process of request and concession of the DTE brand and its consequent management? once it has been obtained?, there are two administration/management organizations in charge of it:

  • Management Commission
  • Executive Coordinator

Management Commission

It is formed by:
  • Representatives of the public administrations
  • Representatives of the hotel sector
  • Representatives of the catering sector
  • Representatives of the transport sector
  • Representatives of the sports trade
  • Representatives of the sports facilities

Executive Coordinator

This is the organization in charge of the execution of the daily activities derived from the DTE brand management.

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