Large training area in a privileged environment.

Canoeing enjoys the same resources and facilities as rowing. The practice of this sport is more recent, but has an enormously growing following. Both those who want to train on an Olympic regatta course and those who want to enjoy natural surroundings of great beauty with find in the lake the ideal place to make their wishes come true.

And for the more contemplative, the 3,500 metres of the l’Estany surroundings offer nooks and crannies for walking and discovering the very rich wildlife, always respecting the rules of this protected natural environment.

Outstanding sporting events

- 2010 - Banyoles Marathon World Canoeing Championship.
- The International Half Marathon is held every year.

Banyoles lake presents one of the best water surfaces in the world for canoeing. This was the general opinion repeated at the 2010 canoeing world championship. It was said by athletes and trainers, relations, journalists, etc. from all over the world who stayed in our city for 10 days. Another point these visitors emphasised were the human resources in the city: the friendship and cordiality given to those visiting and practising sports on the lake is another of our characteristics. The chance to organise this race provides the opportunity for more countries consider us as a destination, apart from those already planning their annual stays at Banyoles. Countries with cold climates and which cannot count on a water surface in the winter, and have this here. All of the above is supplemented with the excellent and complete facilities of Banyoles Swimming Club, also adapted for disabled people. Tourist sport is another of the attractions, as the current framework surrounding the lake is unbeatable for practising it all the year round.

Daniel Berti
Representative of the canoeing section of
Banyoles Swimming Club

I have been lucky enough to have enjoyed many places around the world for different training sessions and competitions, and there are none that combine the natural conditions (lake) and facilities (club) that come together here for practising this sport. The water surface has allow us to work on highly demanding aspects and techniques, as well as to use the course we have marked every 10 m with buoys for 2 km in a straight line. If on the other hand we want to do work more of volume and endurance, we have the whole perimeter of the lake of up to 5.5 km, always respecting the 50-meter margin to the coast. We are lucky to be able to train on the lake 365 days a year with no problem, with an impressive water quality. It also enables us to do different strength exercises using the shallowness we have in certain parts. The average temperature is 16 degrees and its Mediterranean climate gives us many days of sun.

Albert Corominas
Coordinator and trainer of Banyoles Swimming
Club canoeing section

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