Rowing is the sport that made the city famous and it has been practised there since 1886.

Banyoles was the venue of this sport in the Barcelona ’92 Olympic Games and hosted the 2004 World Rowing Championship. FISA, the International Rowing Federation classified Banyoles as the best regatta course in the world

Outstanding sporting events

1992 - Venue of the Barcelona Olympic Games
2004 - World Rowing Championship
2009 - CRowing World Cup
The Pedro Abreu International Open and Regatta and the Youth Cup are held every year.

The 2,134-metre length of the lake is ideal for this sport, as the distance of the regattas is 2,000 metres. The calm water and mild climate of the region also make l’Estany an important training centre worldwide. Some words from Carles Grabulosa, trainer of the rowing section of Banyoles Swimming Club: “Banyoles is an excellent place for rowing training of all levels at any time of year.

“ Cambridge University Boat Club has been coming to Banyoles in early January for over 20 years. The lake provides ideal training and testing conditions for rowing, exactly what we need 3 months before BNY Mellon Boat Race. The facilities at CBN are extensive so we can continue cardiovascular training on land as well as strength and conditioning work in the weights room. Off the water the team can relax in one of the many cafes or experience the historic Old Town.

Steve Trapmore
Head Trainer of the Cambridge Rowing Club

Banyoles is an excellent place for rowing training of all levels at any time of year. From amateurs to Olympic teams, as we have one of the best courses in the world thanks to which practice is possible every day of the year, thanks to the easy access to the water and to the fact that it is a course with the official FISA measurements, which makes taking times easy

Carles Grabulosa
Trainer of the rowing section of Banyoles Swimming Club

To come and do rowing training at the Banyoles lake

For access to the lake and availability of boats and/or hangars:

Banyoles Swimming Club Secretary
Telephone +34 972 57 08 59

Banyoles Tourist information
Telephone +34 972 58 34 70

Rowing clubs and sporting organizations

Banyoles Swimming Club. Rowing section
C/ Passeig Antoni Gaudí, 3
17820 Banyoles
Telephone +34 972 57 08 59

Catalan Rowing Federation
Passeig Lluís Marià Vidal 39-41
17820 Banyoles
Telephones +34 972 57 26 90 / +34 617 61 17 20

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